CPQ Buyer's Guide

Navigating through today’s competitive market, complexity in quote and order creation has expanded well beyond manufacturing into nearly every industry segment. Fast, accurate customized quotes are now a competitive necessity.

Still, companies are typically slow to embrace change and often have outdated and customized applications that are not integrated. This creates segregated and unusual silos of information across the company. They also, favor having manual, paper-based systems that create errors and derails both efficiency and productivity.

For companies to provide a completely seamless experience customers want and need, there’s still a missing piece – configure price, quote, or CPQ.

This guide was developed to assist you in providing an introduction to the product and serve as a resource for your sales, marketing, and professional services project needs.

Download the Buyer's Guide to:
  • Understand what CPQ is and how it will benefit my organization.
  • Identify the common pain points that are driving the need for CPQ.
  • Help decision-makers ask the right questions and get the right answers when evaluating CPQ vendors.
  • Discover what CPQ integration into your CRM and/or ERP business system looks like.
  • Determine what the key is to a successful CPQ implementation.